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After twelve wonderful years, we are closing down. Our last day of service will be Sunday 25-NOV-2018.

You might have a lot of questions, and we might have a lot more to say, so we'll probably save that for a Reddit AMA some time in the near future. For this newsletter, however, we'll keep it as concise as possible.

Do we feel sadness or relief? Maybe a little bit of both.

But most of all, we feel immense gratitude.

We're writing to say thank you.

Thank you, thank you, thank you

for your love, your kindness, your respect,

and your support over the years.


Those of you who've been with us from the very beginning - Thank You for believing in an independent startup that had nothing to our names but a head full of dreams, a passion for service, and a love of hearty, rustic food.

It is a miracle that we even lasted this long (as one of you pointed out: restaurant years = same as dog years!), and we could not have done any of this without you.

Thank you for allowing us to play an itsy bitsy part in your lives - be it a first date, birthday celebration, wedding solemnisation, baby shower, family outing, corporate dinner, pet outing, or simply one of those quiet afternoons when you needed respite from the busy world outside.

It has been a tremendous privilege, watching your children grow, and growing old with you.


Just a few notes & important dates:

  • if you are a TGS VIP Member via Advocado, do log in (http://advocado.me) to see if you have anymore vouchers or cashback points to redeem. Do redeem these by Sunday 28-OCT-2018, as that is the expiry date of our Advocado software contract. As of 5 Oct, Advocado is no longer responding to our emails and texts, but your membership should continue to work until 28 Oct (hopefully!)
    We have no control over this, so if you need help, kindly contact them at support@advocado.me

  • official last day of service: Sunday 25-NOV-2018
    we maintain our usual operating hours and you may still make a reservation or walk in until then. we are slowly discontinuing certain ingredients in order to manage inventory and prevent food wastage on the last day; so if we run out of your favourite dish when you visit, we sincerely apologise in advance. 

  • Garage Sale: tentatively 26 to 30-NOV-2018; we will open most likely just a few hours in the late-afternoon or early-evening. Timing updates will be posted on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
    We will be lelong-ing our crockery, cutlery, solid rubberwood furniture, books, decorations, and some equipment. some of these are already listed on Carousell and can be acquired immediately: https://sg.carousell.com/adcbsg/

PART DEUX: all is not lost(?)

we are selling the business in two segments, available together or separately:

  • takeover of lease, furniture, and equipment 
    what this means is all the physical things are for takeover. more importantly: the infrastructure and premises are URA-approved for use as Restaurant on permanent permission. this is ideal for someone who may want to launch their own concept and menu, and is looking for a large space with very reasonable rental, nice landlord, and in a chill neighbourhood that is already known for food and all things pet-friendly. interested parties can contact Ms Bernice Ong (property agent) at 91847071

  • handover of IP
    know someone who may want to carry on the garden slug "legacy"? all our trade secrets, a legion of undying fans (lolz) and personal guidance from yours truly. we can provide two months of handover/training, comprising one month hands-on followed by one month remote support

Full details here: https://www.businessesforsale.com/Takeover-Only-Coffeehouse-Bistro-In-Katong-For-Sale.aspx


if this works out, there's a chance you could still continue to enjoy your favourite dishes for a longer time yet. 

if you have questions, you may reply to this email. or you can get in touch with either one of us personally:

Joseph joseph@thegardenslug.com

Aaron aaron@thegardenslug.com

© The Garden Slug •2018

55 Lorong L Telok Kurau, #01-59/61 Bright Centre, Singapore 425500

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